Insecto: Post Edit de Un Cromosoma

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Artist: Insecto

Artist: Insecto
Title: Post Edit de Un Cromosoma
Product Type: VINYL LP

Chilean producer Jimmy Pizarro (Insecto) has been working for some time as a digital artist in Chile, where he is director of the Chile Advanced Music Festival. Mainly composing and producing experimental and modern electronic music, his works have been published around the globe on labels such as Pueblo Nuevo, Impar, Filtro, and Mobeer. Home Assembly Music now presents Post Edit de un Cromosoma, in many ways a more musical re-imagining of the classic clicks & cuts sound most readily associated with the Mille Plateaux catalog. Rather than sticking to the austere aesthetic of the likes of SND (a professed influence), Pizarro uses an expanded sound pallet to craft lush arrangements. So now, as well as the intricate, skittering micro-beats, we have jazzy chords, glistening ambient pads, and a smattering of spoken vocal snippets thrown into the mix, creating a tuneful machine funk that at times recalls Mount Kimbie's earlier works. But it's ruder than that, as the crystalline synths, swirling samples, and fizzing hi-hats are all anchored down by some seriously deep sub-bass pulses. A big recommendation for fans of anything from SND through Aphex Twin to Mount Kimbie. Includes download code.

1.1 Intro 00.46 - Insecto
1.2 Gutam 06.28 - Insecto
1.3 Wiskick 04.47 - Insecto
1.4 Fick_A 03.92 - Insecto
1.5 Dplan 08.21 - Insecto
1.6 Trumpe 02.38
1.7 Lenuac 03.43
1.8 Montac 03.52
1.9 Ficcion 04.26
1.10 Proc 03.29
1.11 Bypass 06.54

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