Instruments of Science & Technology

Instruments of Science & Technology: Music from the Films of R. Swift

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Artist: Instruments of Science & Technology
Title: Music from the Films of R. Swift
Product Type: VINYL LP

INST sounds like Brian Eno and Wendy Carlos have a love child in the 70s and subsequently marooned him/her/it on an Oort Cloud. This largely instrumental electronic project may seem out of character for Richard Swift, with his unmistakable beautiful singing voice, melancholic lyrics, and sophisticated songwriting. With this release he has resurrected the earliest forms of electronic music, thrown in a few dashes of dub, hip-hop, kraut-rock and Motown, and created a new hybrid dish. For fans of Re/Search curiosities and other weird, ambient and electronic headphone arts directed just outside the third eye.

1.1 Ashes
1.2 Inst
1.3 Subplot
1.4 Shooting a Rhino Between the Shoulders
1.5 Plan a ; Plan B
1.6 Theme 5
1.7 War/Unwar
1.8 Theme 3
1.9 Theme 4
1.10 Clay Young Battles the Man
1.11 Ghost of Hip/Hop [New Apostle MX]
1.12 They Provide Lights

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