Into Another

Into Another: Ignaurus

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Artist: Into Another

Artist: Into Another
Title: Ignaurus

Into Another were one of New York's most interesting groups to emerge from the underground. They caused heads to turn with their melodies, sounding of post-medieval bards with guitars and heaviness not heard elsewhere, while Richie Birkenhead's unique lyrical genius poured over. The year 1994 saw the release of their amazing second full-length, Ignaurus. With favorites such as "Running Into Walls" and "William," this is the record that defined their sound, filled to the brim with spectacular songs that venture into deep, dark, and progressive rock territory while still being firmly anchored in melody, groove, and abrasive angst. The album catapulted Into Another into the ranks of much-heralded "buzz" bands of their day, and now sees a welcome reissue from venerable punk label Revelation Records!

1.1 Running Into Walls
1.2 Poison Fingers
1.3 Ungodly
1.4 Two Snowflakes
1.5 Laughing at Oblivion
1.6 Maritime Murder
1.7 William
1.8 Drowning
1.9 Anxious

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