Invocation: Best of Haydn

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Artist: Invocation

Artist: Invocation
Title: Best of Haydn

1.1 Symphony No. 100 in G Major, 'Military': Finale: Presto
1.2 Cello Concerto in C Major, Hob. VLLB/1: Adagio
1.3 Symphony No. 45 in F Sharp minor, 'Farewell': Finale: Presto - Adagio
1.4 Symphony No. 101 in D Major, 'The Clock': Andante
1.5 Trumpet Concerto in E Flat Major, Hob. Vlle/1: Finale: Allegro
1.6 String Quartet in C Major, Op. 76, No. 3, 'Emperor', Hob. LLL/77: Poco Adagio, Cantible
1.7 Piano Concerto in D Major, Hob. XVLLL/11: Vivace
1.8 Symphony No. 94 in G Major, 'Surprise': Andante
1.9 Piano Sonata in C Major, Hob. XVL/50: Adagio
1.10 String Quartet in D Major, Op. 64, No. 5, 'The Lark', Hob. LLL/63: Adagio Cantable
1.11 Symphony No. 104 in D Major, 'London': Finale: Spiritoso

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