Invocation: Complete Symphonies 17

Invocation: Complete Symphonies 17
Title: Complete Symphonies 17
Label: Swrmusic

In 2011 Thomas Fey was nominated for a Grammy for his world premiere recordings of the music of Antonio Salieri. Every new release of Haydn symphonies from Thomas Fey and his ensemble is greeted with enthusiasm; truly this is how Haydn should sound. To create this sound, Fey's musicians bridge past and present, performing both on modern string instruments and replicas of authentic period woodwind, brass and percussion instruments.

1.1 Presto
1.2 Andante
1.3 Finale. Presto
1.4 Presto
1.5 Andante
1.6 Finale. Tempo Di Menuetto
1.7 Adagio, Ma Non Troppo
1.8 Allegro
1.9 Minuet - Trio
1.10 Finale. Presto
1.11 Alelgro
1.12 Andante
1.13 Finale. Vivace

Invocation: Complete Symphonies 17

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