Bruno Weil: London Symphonies No. 99 100 101

Invocation: London Symphonies No. 99 100 101
Title: London Symphonies No. 99 100 101
Label: Naxos

Following the triumphant reception of the six ground-breaking London Symphonies No. 93-98 during his first visit to England, Joseph Haydn was at the height of his fame when he embarked on his trip back to Vienna in July 1792. Although he had planned to return to the city on the River Thames within six months, Haydn's second visit to England was delayed for an entire year for unknown reasons. In the meantime, he continued to compose and finished his Symphony No. 99 in Vienna in 1793, although the work did not receive it's premiere there. Unlike London or Paris, Vienna did not have an active concert life outside of the world of court music at the time. London's large and capable orchestras did not have their equal in Vienna, and neither did London's music press, which enticed the public with timely announcements and reviews. Bruno Weil and the Cappella Coloniensis inspire with an enthralling and intelligent play in this third volume.

1.1 Adagio - Vivace Assai - Cappella Coloniensis
1.2 Adagio - Cappella Coloniensis
1.3 Menuet: Allegretto - Cappella Coloniensis
1.4 Finale: Vivace - Cappella Coloniensis
1.5 Adagio - Presto - Cappella Coloniensis
1.6 Andante - Cappella Coloniensis
1.7 Menuett: Allegro - Cappella Coloniensis
1.8 Finale: Vivace - Cappella Coloniensis
1.9 Adagio - Allegro - Cappella Coloniensis
1.10 Allegretto - Cappella Coloniensis
1.11 Menuet: Moderato - Cappella Coloniensis
1.12 Finale: Presto - Cappella Coloniensis
2.1 ... Zur Symphonie NR. 99 Es-Dur - Bruno Weil
2.2 Schwierige Zeiten in London - Bruno Weil
2.3 Menuetto, Entspannte Gelassenheit - Bruno Weil
2.4 Kompendien Des Musikalischen Humors - Bruno Weil
2.5 ... Zur Symphonie NR. 101 D-Dur - Bruno Weil
2.6 Ernst, Geheimnisvoll Und Unerwartet - Bruno Weil
2.7 Frohlich Tickende Uhr - Bruno Weil
2.8 ... Zur Symphonie NR. 100 G-Dur - Bruno Weil
2.9 Metamorphose in Der Musik - Bruno Weil
2.10 Behaglich Mit Derben Uberraschungen - Bruno Weil

Bruno Weil: London Symphonies No. 99 100 101

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