Iona: Open Sky

Iona: Open Sky
Title: Open Sky
Label: Open Sky Uk

Open Sky shows that the band is not afraid to stretch out further and add new dimensions to the band's sound.. if anything, the band are moving towards ever more ambitious pieces that are more challenging and rewarding for the listener.. deeply moving.thought-provoking synth atmospheres that just make your spine tingle.. Iona's new music is totally uplifting and open sky is undoubtedly their best yet.

1.1 Woven Cord
1.2 Wave After Wave
1.3 Open Sky
1.4 Castlerigg
1.5 A Million Stars
1.6 Light Reflected
1.7 Hinba
1.8 Songs of Ascent (Part 1)
1.9 Songs of Ascent (Part 2)
1.10 Songs of Ascent (Part 3)
1.11 Friendship's Door
2.1 Woven Cord Rehearsal Version, with Unreleased Slow Section
2.2 Wave After Wave Original Demo
2.3 Hinba Original Demo
2.4 Songs of Ascent PT 1 Early Demo
2.5 Creation (Lament for the World) Unreleased Track, Studio Demo
2.6 Jo Hymn Tune Idea Unreleased Song Studio Demo
2.7 A Dhia Gheigil (Angel of God) Vocal Version. Studio Demo
2.8 Jo Song of Hope Vocal Loops Studio Recording
2.9 I Cannot Understand Unreleased Song, Studio Demo
2.10 How Delightful It Is Unreleased Song, Studio Demo
2.11 The Spacious Firmament Writing Session Work in Progress Version
2.12 I Take the Road Studio Monitor Mix
2.13 Song of the Waves Studio Monitor Mix
2.14 Wave After Wave (Acoustic Opening) Studio Monitor Mix
2.15 Song of Hope (Open Sky) Studio Monitor Mix
2.16 Songs of Ascent Part 1 Demo Recording

Iona: Open Sky

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