Iron Mask: Masters Of Masters

Iron Mask: Masters Of Masters
Title: Masters Of Masters
Label: Afm Records

Founded almost 20 years ago IRON MASK, named after the mysterious prisoner from Alexandre Dumas' novel "The Man in the Iron Mask", have matured into a sovereign band and a big-shot in the international metal scene. The new album "Master Of Masters" introduces Mike Slembrouck on vocals, who is a perfect fit for the band, shining on all 12 tracks. The Belgians continuously deliver great albums, impressing with excellent guitar work, catchy vocal hooks and unforgettable songwriting, reminiscenting of bands like RHAPSODY, DIO or HELLOWEEN.

1.1 Never Kiss The Ring
1.2 Tree Of The World
1.4 Revolution Rise (feat. Oliver Hartmann)
1.5 One Against All
1.6 Nothing Lasts Forever
1.7 Dance With The Beast
1.8 Wild And Lethal
1.9 Mist Of Loch Ness
1.10 My One And Only
1.11 A Mother Loved Blue
1.12 Sagittarius A*
1.13 Master Of Masters

Iron Mask: Masters Of Masters

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