Isaac / Cantica Symphonia / Maletto

Isaac / Cantica Symphonia / Maletto: Issac: Missa Misericordias Domini & Motets

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Isaac / Cantica Symphonia / Maletto
Title: Issac: Missa Misericordias Domini & Motets

The influence of the Franco-Flemish Renaissance composer Heinrich Isaac extends into today with his extraordinarily prolific output. The period ensemble, Cantica Symphonia led by Giuseppe Maletto gives an inspired performance in this release that features a cross section of Isaac's many motets, choral pieces along with the first time recording of the music for a mass setting, Missa Misericordias Domini.

1.1 Ave Regina Caelorum
1.2 Ave Ancilla Trinitatis
1.3 Kyrie
1.4 Gloria
1.5 Credo
1.6 Sanctus
1.7 Agnus Dei
1.8 Inviolata
1.9 Sub Tuum Praesidium
1.10 Rogamus Te
1.11 Quae Est Ista
1.12 O Decus Ecclesiae

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