Ivana Santilli

Ivana Santilli: Santilli

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ivana Santilli

Title: Santilli
Label: EMI Import

Freshly signed to successful independent label CP Records, Ivana continues her musical journey exploring her crush on dance floor rhythms & grooves. The new album, simply entitled Santilli is the same Ivana Santilli we know and love, reinvented. Santilli is a result of her experiences living in Toronto, London, England and New York. "The stories and energy of New York are what put new guts into my songs and what kick-started me writing again. This album is a new start." Several of the songs on the new album including "Your Girl Tonight", were co-written with Top 10 radio hit maker Belly and producer Da Heala. Ivana's distinctive raspy vocals and lush electric piano jazz chords remain her signature, while Belly and Da Heala bring their own appreciation for the clubs with thumping disco beats and energized lyrics. Santilli brings US a newer, shinier, spicier Ivana.

1.1 Been Thru This
1.2 Confused Little Boy
1.3 Hollywood (Nothing Over You)
1.4 Your Girl Tonight
1.5 Wish U Away
1.6 Whateva U Want
1.7 Letting Go
1.8 Leave It Alone
1.9 Still Anymore
1.10 Depend on You
1.11 Stay Here
1.12 Valentina

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