Ivanhoe: Blood And Gold

Ivanhoe: Blood And Gold
Title: Blood And Gold
Label: Massacre

Ivanhoe are back with their 8th studio album! Compared to previous releases, "Blood And Gold" offers catchier, but also shorter and more compact songs. The guitars are a bit more present, giving the album an overall heavier sound without ignoring the band's signature style. The lyrics deal with time-critical ("Martyrium", "Perfect Tragedy"), historic ("Midnight Bite", "Blood And Gold") and fictitious topics ("Broken Mirror"). The album also includes the band's first ever cover song.

1.1 Midnight Bite
1.2 Broken Mirror
1.3 Fe Infinita
1.4 Blood and Gold
1.5 Martyrium
1.6 If I Never Sing Another Song
1.7 Solace
1.8 Shadow Play
1.9 Perfect Tragedy

Ivanhoe: Blood And Gold

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