Ivar Grydeland

Ivar Grydeland: Dans Les Arbres

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ivar Grydeland

Title: Dans Les Arbres
Label: Ecm

Guitarist Ivar Grydeland and percussionist Ingar Zach are prime movers and catalysts for free improvised music in Norway. Afer hearing Christian Wallumrod's 'Sofienberg Variations' on ECM, they formed Dans les Arbres, a project completed by French clarinetist Xavier Charles. Their radical all-acoustic improvisation explores sonorities and textures that frequently sound electronic, and also often sounds 'composed' - with echoes of John Cage and the New York School.

1.1 La Somnolence
1.2 L'indiffã©Rence
1.3 Le Flegme
1.4 L'engourdissement
1.5 Le Dã©Tachement
1.6 La Froideur
1.7 L'assoupissement
1.8 La Retenue

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