J.D. Souther

J.D. Souther: Natural History

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Artist: J.D. Souther

Artist: J.D. Souther
Title: Natural History

If you don't know JD Souther, you surely know his songs. Produced by Grammy-nominated Fred Mollin (Kris Kristofferson, BB King, Jimmy Webb, Michael McDonald, Johnny Mathis), the new JD Souther album revisits eleven of JDs greatest classics in new and definitive interpretations. The results are candidly emotional, mesmerizing in their honesty, and certain to bring a fresher, sharper focus to the career of this master of American song.

1.1 Go Ahead and Rain
1.2 Faithless Love
1.3 You Re Only Lonely
1.4 The Sad Caf
1.5 Silver Blue
1.6 New Kid in Town
1.7 I LL Take Care of You
1.8 Little Victories
1.9 Prisoner in Disguise
1.10 Best of My Love
1.11 I'll Be Here at Closing

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