J.E. Mainer

J.E. Mainer: Classic Sides 1937-41

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Artist: J.E. Mainer

Artist: J.E. Mainer
Title: Classic Sides 1937-41

This, our second collection of the works of J.E. and Wade Mainer and their associates, features another 100 sides of the spellbinding music that is regarded by many as the link between the first generation of early old time music and that of the bluegrass groups of the 1940s onwards. Many sides here are impossibly rare - fortunately the well-known collector Chris King has been able to fill in many gaps. A bonus is that their sound quality is excellent as he's located originals in fine condition. We open from where we left off on the earlier collection (JSP77118), with more from Mainer's Mountaineers. Also featured are Wade Mainer, The Sons of the Mountaineers, The Happy-Go-Lucky Boys and The Morris Brothers. They are united by a unique zest, musicianship and an understanding of real life born of hard-won experience. Originally stigmatized under the dismissive 'Hillbilly' heading, this music is now recognised as both an archetypal American form and as one of the major pillars of modern popular music.

1.1 Carry Your Cross with a Smile
1.2 Swing the Door of Your Heart Open Wide
1.3 Answer to Greenback Dollar
1.4 There's a Green Hill Far Away
1.5 Miss Me When I'm Gone
1.6 Floating Down the Stream of Time
1.7 Don't Go Out
1.8 Don't Get Trouble in Your Mind
1.9 Kiss Me Cindy
1.10 Your Best Friend Is Always Near
1.11 Lamp Lighting Time in Heaven
1.12 When the Light's Gone Out in Your Soul
1.13 I Once Loved a Young Man
1.14 Somebody Cares
1.15 I'm Living the Right Life Now
1.16 Just Over in the Glory Land
1.17 I'm in the Gloryland Way
1.18 If I Lose, Let Me Lose
1.19 Great Reaping Day
1.20 Oh Why Did I Ever Get Married
1.21 Back to Johnson City
1.22 Ramshackle Shack
1.23 Memory Lane
1.24 Wild Bill Jones
1.25 I Want to Be Loved
2.1 What Are You Going to Do Brother?
2.2 Companions Draw Nigh
2.3 Mountain Sweetheart
2.4 Don't Forget Me Little Darling
2.5 Lonely Tomb
2.6 Pale Moonlight
2.7 All My Friends
2.8 Don't Get Too Deep in Love
2.9 Don't Leave Me Alone
2.10 I Won't Be Worried
2.11 Where Romance Calls
2.12 Another Alabama Camp Meetin'
2.13 Mitchell Blues
2.14 Farther Along
2.15 Dear Loving Mother and Dad
2.16 Can't Tell About These Women
2.17 That Kind
2.18 If I Had Listened to Mother
2.19 She Is Spreading Her Wings for a Journey
2.20 The Same Old You to Me
2.21 Life's Ev'nin' Sun
2.22 Mother Still Prays for You Jack
2.23 You're Awfully Mean to Me
2.24 Home in the Sky
2.25 A Little Love
3.1 North Carolina Moon
3.2 More Good Women Gone Wrong
3.3 Sparkling Blue Eyes
3.4 We Will Miss Him
3.5 I Left My Home in the Mountains
3.6 I Met Her at a Ball One Night
3.7 You May Forsake Me
3.8 Look on and Cry
3.9 One Little Kiss
3.10 Mama Don't Make Me Go to Bed
3.11 Crying Holy
3.12 Heaven Bells Are Ringing
3.13 Sparkling Blue Eyes No. 2
3.14 The Poor Drunkard's Dream
3.15 Were You There?
3.16 The Gospel Cannonball
3.17 The Great and Final Judgement
3.18 What a Wonderful Saviour Is He
3.19 Why Not Make Heaven Your Home
3.20 Mansions in the Sky
3.21 Not a Word of That Be Said
3.22 Drifting Through An Unfriendly World
3.23 Shake My Mother's Hand for Me
3.24 Anywhere Is Home
3.25 I Can Tell You the Time
4.1 He Gave His Life
4.2 Ramblin' Boy
4.3 The Precious Jewel
4.4 Old Reuben
4.5 Precious Memories
4.6 Since I Met My Mother-In-Law
4.7 Bachelor Blues
4.8 Only a Broken Heart
4.9 Happy or Lonesome
4.10 Darling I'm Still in Love with You
4.11 No Letter in the Mail Today
4.12 Come Back, Sweetheart
4.13 I Hope She's Satisfied
4.14 Happy-Go-Lucky Breakdown
4.15 What-Cha Gonna Go with the Baby?
4.16 Garden of Prayer
4.17 Dream of the Miner's Child
4.18 Little Nellie
4.19 One Little Word
4.20 Wabash Cannon Ball No. 2
4.21 It's Blues
4.22 Gabriel's Trumpet
4.23 Drunkard's Hiccoughs
4.24 Country Blues
4.25 Concord Rag

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