J. Leclair

J. Leclair: Violin Sonatas Book 1 Nos 5-8

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Artist: J. Leclair

Artist: J. Leclair
Title: Violin Sonatas Book 1 Nos 5-8

Adrian Butterfield, Alison McGillivray and Laurence Cummings bring a wealth of expertise to their elegant interpretations of Leclair' First Book of Violin Sonatas in which the French composer drew on Corelli' path-breaking examples.

1.1 I. Allegro Ma Non Troppo
1.2 II. Sarabanda: Largo
1.3 III. Giga: Presto
1.4 I. Adagio
1.5 II. Vivace
1.6 III. Aria: Affettuoso
1.7 IV. Allegro
1.8 I. Adagio
1.9 II. Allemanda: Allegro
1.10 III. Aria: Grazioso
1.11 IV. Giga: Allegro Ma Non Troppo
1.12 I. Largo
1.13 II. Vivace
1.14 III. Musette: Affettuoso
1.15 IV. Tempo Gavotta: Allegro

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