J. Stalin

J. Stalin: Gas Nation 2

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Artist: J. Stalin

Artist: J. Stalin
Title: Gas Nation 2

2017 release. Gas Nation 2 serves as a marker in the sand for West Oakland's J. Stalin. Part 2 comes almost 10 years after it's first iteration, and much has changed since those days for J. Stalin. When Gas Nation dropped he was a young rapper from West Oakland's Cypress Village area just trying to get on. Fast forward 10 years later, and J. Stalin has cemented himself in the hollowed halls of Bay Area rap legends, built a brand behind his Livewire Records imprint with a roster of 10 artists, branched out into the world of business with 2 barbershops in Northern California and helped launch the careers of many artists. Gas Nation 2 marks his entry into his new era.

1.1 Battery Acid
1.2 One Thing Ft Young Mezzy
1.3 Reality
1.4 In My Feelings
1.5 I Cant Wait
1.6 Making Hoes Mad (Feat Shady Nate, Lazy-Boy, Joseph Kay and KD Tha Goer)
1.7 Big Deposits (FT Joseph Kay ; Philthy Rich)
1.8 Play Me (Feat June)
1.9 Cocaine Histeria (Feat Berner ; Joseph Kay)
1.10 Like Me (Feat Ak 47)
1.11 Remember Your Name (Feat Joseph Kay)
1.12 So Dangers (Feat Joseph Kay)
1.13 Night Rider
1.14 Ya Momma House (FT Lil Blood)
1.15 Undefeated
1.16 Burn This Whole City Down (Feat Mistah Fab ; Joseph Kay)

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