J. Tex

J. Tex: House on the Hill

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: J. Tex

Artist: J. Tex
Title: House on the Hill
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing.2012 release, the seventh album from the Danish Alt-Country band. Behind the minimalist cover are 12 strong songs that show the band in a new and developed stage. The music is firmly rooted in American music but with a twist; a new take on a classic sound. The instrumentation is explorative and varied with a broad range of influences with a little bit of something for everyone. Without losing it's grounding in the tradition of American folk music, J. Tex & the Volunteers have with House on the Hill created a more inclusive and diverse album.

1.1 The Ballad of My Brother ; Me
1.2 Home on the Hill
1.3 I Still Miss Someone
1.4 Look Up Look Down
1.5 Willin'
1.6 Carnival Girl
1.7 Coalminers Daughter
1.8 Ben McCulloch
1.9 Long Lost Woman
1.10 Detroit City
1.11 I Always Knew You Were the One
1.12 Ukulele Lullaby

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