Jack Chosef: Yeehai

Jack Chosef: Yeehai
Title: Yeehai
Label: Mansions & Millions
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Track Your Mind opens with a manipulated vocal sample that could work in a towering Kanyeeseque hip-hop construction. Instead, in drops the half-tempo bass kicks and portentous synths favored by '80s revivalists, the sorts that dream of a neon video-game Miami (Chosef says Yeehai is inspired by girls and cars). But the track could also be the sound of, for example, Pye Corner Audio's alternate history technological fantasies. Next come the insistent, melancholy oohoos of - you guessed it - Oohoo, the immaculate chimes of Golden Princess, the echoing keys of Cubing, and the daintily twinkling synths of the title-track.

1.1 01. Track Your Mind (2:50)
1.2 02. Oohoo (2:57)
1.3 03. Golden Princess (3:06)
1.4 04. Baby (3:22)
1.5 05. Cubing (2:42)
1.6 06. Yeehai (3:45)

Jack Chosef: Yeehai

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Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE

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