Jack Ladder

Jack Ladder: Love Is Gone

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jack Ladder

Artist: Jack Ladder
Title: Love Is Gone

Australian Exclusive Release - Since the release of his 2005 debut "Not Worth Waiting For" (Spunk Records) Ladder's sound had undergone a transformation whilst strong traces of the brooding, lovelorn balladry remain, this new album, "Love is Gone", has a distinct sense of swagger, sanguine and a touch of raunch. How to describe the sound? Imagine Leonard Cohen driving through Detroit singing along to Little Richard on the radio. Now imagine Detroit is a vast beach located somewhere north of Sydney. To capture the kind of raw, "vintage" sound heard on classic records like Bob Dylan's legendary "Highway 61 Revisited", Ladder took a group of gifted musicians, including drummer Laurence Pike (Pivot/Triosk) and bassist Ben Wapples (Triosk), into the studio where the songs were arranged and recorded "live" (with minimal overdubs) straight to tape. It was produced by Burke Reid (drones/mess hall). Jack Ladder has spent 2008 living and performing in New York and Europe. He recently performed.

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