Jack Starr

Jack Starr: Take It To The Bank

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jack Starr

Title: Take It To The Bank
Label: Markuee

1.1 Why Do They Call It the Blues?
1.2 Cherry Red
1.3 You Crossed the Line
1.4 Blue Tears Falling
1.5 Blues Per Minute
1.6 Take It to the Bank
1.7 Cloudy Day
1.8 Stevie's Shuffle
1.9 It All Comes Back
1.10 Laying Low
1.11 Liquor and Poker
1.12 She Still Gets Me Everytime
1.13 Stray Dog Blues
1.14 The Woman I Love
1.15 What You See Is What You Get
1.16 Spirits Unchained

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