Jackson Creek

Jackson Creek: I Wish I Was

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Artist: Jackson Creek

Artist: Jackson Creek
Title: I Wish I Was

'Jackson Creek' performs for festivals, parties, community events, and dances throughout central Florida. Joe Waller, founder of the group, labels the music performed by Jackson Creek as 'fiddle-folk-grass.' It is a dynamic blend of folk music... both covers and Joe's fantastic songs, mild bluegrass music, and many styles of fiddle tunes, with a little gospel, western music, and civil war period music depending upon what is requested for the event. There IS something for everyone! We want you to enjoy yourselves! Clap your hands! Sing along... and please.... get up and dance!!! We are just as comfortable playing for sedate art openings and weddings as we are bringing a caller and providing an exciting contra dance/barn dance for your event!!!

1.1 I Wish I Was a Cowboy Again
1.2 Angelina
1.3 Mountain Home
1.4 Waltzing Forever
1.5 Quiet River
1.6 Forgiveness Waltz
1.7 Soldier's Prayer
1.8 Soft Southern Nights
1.9 Amanda
1.10 After the Battle of Aughrum
1.11 River of My Soul
1.12 Stars of the Western Sky
1.13 Smile for Me
1.14 Time Is a Thief
1.15 Song of the Old St. Johns

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