Jacques Schwarz-Bart Quartet

Jacques Schwarz-Bart Quartet: The Art Of Dreaming

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Artist: Jacques Schwarz-Bart Quartet
Title: The Art Of Dreaming

Naive is pleased to present the new album of leading saxophonist Jacques Schwarz-Bart, in quartet with pianist Baptiste Trotignon, bassist Thomas Bramerie, and drummer Hans van Oosterhout. "Achieving the act of dreaming while being awake has become a music quest for me, but this special state of mind have come and gone in jittery fashion, like bubbles that grow and burst unexpectedly. My first fluid experience took place with the quartet featured on this album - except for Hans Von Oosterhout who has brilliantly replaced Leon Parker. I immediately felt as if we were traveling together, gliding through a dream that was one and the same. Since then, I have had my mind set on recording an album that reflects this experience. The result is organic, contrasted and often orgasmic: just like I dreamed it!" - Jacques Schwarz-Bart.

1.1 Blues Jonjon
1.2 It's Pain
1.3 Peyotl
1.4 Moods
1.5 Now
1.6 Lullaby from Atlantis
1.7 Massassoit
1.8 Dlo Pann
1.9 Emile
1.10 Voir

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