Jad & the Ladyboy

Jad & the Ladyboy: Never Come Back Down

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Title: Never Come Back Down
Label: Sonar Kollektiv
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

The Australian DJ, producer and musician Jad Lee likes to have several irons in the fire all at the same time. For instance he's a member of Mitzi (along Charles Murdoch and Dominiqe Bird), one half of the pan-pacific Indiepop duo Twiggy Lashes and a solo artist known as Jad & the Ladyboy. Under this moniker he releases music which can be described as soulful house with plenty of disco influences. For Never Come Back Down' Jad had singer Mark Borgazzi in his studio to cut a precious, groovy two-stepper into a genuine pop diamond. In order not to get only radio airplay, but also to be played out in gloomy underground clubs with extra fat subwoofers Yannick provides his homicidal Sexfactmix. With it's untamed bassline and a milling-machine like synthesizer this feels like an unchecked punch to the gut.

1.1 Never Come Back Down [Yannick's Sexfactmix] Jad ; the Ladyboy Feat: Mark Borgazzi
1.2 Never Come Back Down Jad ; the Ladyboy
2.1 Sometimes Feelings Hurt [Jad's Dub]
2.2 Sometimes Feelings Hurt Jad ; the Ladyboy Feat: Mark Borgazzi

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