Jah Wobble: In Dub: Deluxe

Jah Wobble: In Dub: Deluxe
Title: In Dub: Deluxe
Label: Cherry Red

Deluxe two CD collection. Since his days with Public Image Ltd., Jah Wobble has been carving a unique niche on bass guitar, drawing on myriad musical styles for his prolific output of over 40 albums and countless collaborations. Following the critical acclaim afforded to last year's six CD box set Redux, Jah Wobble In Dub is an affordable entrée to one aspect of JW's music, a style with which he is most commonly associated and yet is somehow difficult to define. Compiled and annotated by Wobble, who has also contributed some of his paintings for the front cover and the booklet, Jah Wobble In Dub picks up where Redux left off, sampling his 30 Hertz catalogue from the mid-1990s onwards while also dipping back into his 80s solo work. In Dub also boasts four brand new recordings. 'Metamorphosis (Burnt Umber Youth Dub)' and 'Inspector Out Of Space (Youth Inner Space Dub)' are taken from Wobble's new album with legendary producer Youth, Everything Is Nothing while 'Forest Funk Dub' and 'Forest Gate Dub' are brand new tracks, also recorded by the new-look Invaders Of The Heart.

1.1 Cleopatra King Size
1.2 I'd Love to Take You Away
1.3 I'd Love to Take You Away (Dub Version)
1.4 Orion
1.5 Metamorphosis (Burnt Umber Youth Dub)
1.6 Blacksmith
1.7 Blacksmith Dub
1.8 Club Scene Dub
1.9 Kojak Dub
1.10 On the Right Road
1.11 On the Right Road Dub
1.12 Symphony of Palms
1.13 Forest Funk Dub
1.14 Dragon and Phoenix
1.15 Dragon and Phoenix Dub
1.16 Universal Dub
1.17 Invaders of the Heart (Decadent Disco Mix)
2.1 Last Days
2.2 Last Days Dub
2.3 L1 Dub
2.4 Nice Cop: Nasty Cop
2.5 Forest Gate Dub
2.6 The Way I Feel (Alias Sweetest Feeling) (New Mix)
2.7 Lam Saravane
2.8 Lam Saravane Dub
2.9 Alam Dub
2.10 Night
2.11 Appearance and Thing-In-Itself
2.12 I Remember That Time
2.13 I Remember That Time
2.14 (Dub Mix)
2.15 Inspector Out of Space
2.16 (Youth Inner Space Dub)
2.17 Once Upon a Time in the East
2.18 Tyger Tyger

Jah Wobble: In Dub: Deluxe

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