Jamal Green

Jamal Green: Skelattack

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Jamal Green

Title: Skelattack
Label: Mondo
Product Type: VINYL LP

Mondo, in partnership with Konami Digital Entertainment, is proud to present the soundtrack to the 2020 game SKELATTACK composed by Jamal Green. The music for SKELATTACK is a marvelous and meticulously composed collection of cues - a plucky and sweet score that pays equal parts homage to the collaborative work of Danny Elfman and Tim Burton and to the incredible music of the 90s Lucasarts games like DAY OF THE TENTACLE and GRIM FANDANGO.

1.1 Aftervale Overture
1.2 Titles
1.3 Magic Shop
1.4 The Old Observatory
1.5 Ancient Library
1.6 Mr. Blacksmith
1.7 Celebration in Aftervale
1.8 Shrine
1.9 Helping the Rat King
1.10 Pop-Up Emporium
1.11 Warrior Battle
1.12 We Green-Thumbed Ghouls
1.13 Archer Battle
1.14 Rock-Kin ; Fire-Kin
1.15 Mage Battle
1.16 Rescuing Imber
1.17 Escape!
1.18 Bard and Paladin Battle
1.19 Path of the Dead
1.20 Assassin Battle
1.21 The Chase
1.22 Serenity
1.23 Bad to the Bone
1.24 Day of the Dead
1.25 Rattle N' Shake
1.26 Skelattack Ambience

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