James Brown: Night Train-King Singles 60-62

James Brown: Night Train-King Singles 60-62
Title: Night Train-King Singles 60-62
Label: Notnow
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing. This collection by the Godfather of Soul documents James Brown's early career on King records - there is more than a hint of the funk styling that saw the Brown evolve into the Minister of the New Super Heavy Funk.

1.1 The Bells
1.2 And I Do Just What I Want
1.3 Hold It
1.4 The Scratch
1.5 Bewildered
1.6 If You Want Me
1.7 I Found You
2.1 I Don't Mind
2.2 Love Don't Love Nobody
2.3 Suds
2.4 Sticky
2.5 Baby You're Right
2.6 I'll Never, Never Let You Go
2.7 If I Knew
3.1 I Love You, Yes I Do
3.2 Just You and Me Darling
3.3 Lost Someone
3.4 Cross Firing
3.5 Night Train
3.6 Why Does Everything Happen to Me
3.7 It Hurts to Be in Love
4.1 Shout and Shimmy
4.2 Come Over Here
4.3 Mashed Potatoes U.S.A
4.4 You Don't Have to Go
4.5 Three Hearts in a Tangle
4.6 I've Got Money
4.7 You Can Make It If You Try

James Brown: Night Train-King Singles 60-62

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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