Jamey Aebersold: Randy Brecker

Jamey Aebersold: Randy Brecker
Title: Randy Brecker
Label: Jamey Aebersold

(Play-a-long 2-CD set with Instructional Book) An amazing collection of 13 originals by this master trumpeter. Includes a second CD featuring Randy and a tenor saxophonist playing the melodies and soloing over each track. Randy is backed by pianist Steve Allee, bassist Bill Moring and drummer Tim Horner. Tracks are: There's a Mingus Amonk Us, Shanghigh, Some Skunk Funk, Marble Sea, Thrifty Man, Incidentally, Free Fall, Hit Or Miss, the Sleaze Factor, You're in My Heart, Moon tide, Dirty Dogs, Tokyo Freddie.

1.1 There's a Mingus Amonk Us
1.2 Shanghigh
1.3 Some Skunk Funk
1.4 Marble Sea
1.5 Thrifty Man
1.6 Incidentally
1.7 Free Fall
1.8 Hit or Miss
1.9 The Sleaze Factor
1.10 You're in My Heart
1.11 Moontide
1.12 Dirty Dogs
1.13 Tokyo Freddie
1.14 Tuning Notes
2.1 There's a Mingus Amonk Us
2.2 Shanghigh
2.3 Some Skunk Funk
2.4 Marble Sea
2.5 Thrifty Man
2.6 Incidentally
2.7 Free Fall
2.8 Hit or Miss
2.9 The Sleaze Factor
2.10 You're in My Heart
2.11 Moontide
2.12 Dirty Dogs
2.13 Tokyo Freddie
2.14 Tuning Notes

Jamey Aebersold: Randy Brecker

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