Jamiroquai: Return Of The Space Cowboy

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Artist: Jamiroquai

Artist: Jamiroquai
Title: Return Of The Space Cowboy
Product Type: VINYL LP

Jamiroquai ?- The Return Of The Space Cowboy Label: Sony Music CREDITS: Bass - Stuart, Didgeridoo - Wallis, Drums - Derrick, Horns [Uncredited] - Gary Barnacle, John Thirkell, Richard Edwards, Keyboards - Toby, Vocals [Space Cowboy] - Jay

1.1 Just Another Story
1.2 Stillness in Time
2.1 Half the Man
2.2 Light Years
2.3 Manifest Destiny
3.1 The Kids
3.2 Mr Moon
3.3 Scam
4.1 Journey to Arnhemland
4.2 Morning Glory
4.3 Space Cowboy

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