Jan & Dean

Jan & Dean: Carnival of Sound

$42.98 $49.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Jan & Dean

Title: Carnival of Sound
Label: Rhino Handmade
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 Girl, You're Blowing My Mind (Album Version)
1.2 Mulholland (Album Version)
1.3 Fan Tan (Album Version)
1.4 Carnival of Sound (Album Version)
1.5 Laurel and Hardy (Album Version)
1.6 I Know My Mind (Album Version)
1.7 Love and Hate (Album Version)
1.8 Tijuana (Album Version)
1.9 Hawaii (Album Version)
1.10 Louisiana Man (Album Version)
1.11 Stay (Album Version)
1.12 Only a Boy (Album Version)
1.13 In the Still of the Night (Album Version)
1.14 Yakety Yak (Album Version)
1.15 Don't Drop It (Album Version)
1.16 Girl, You're Blowing My Mind [Stereo Mix] (Album Version)
1.17 Mulholland [Stereo Mix] (Album Version)
1.18 Fan Tan [Stereo Mix] (Album Version)
1.19 Carnival of Sound [Stereo Mix] (Album Version)
1.20 I Know My Mind [Stereo Mix] (Album Version)
1.21 Love and Hate [Stereo Mix] (Album Version)
1.22 Tijuana [Stereo Mix] (Album Version)
1.23 Hawaii [Stereo Mix] (Album Version)
1.24 Louisiana Man [Stereo Mix] (Album Version)
1.25 Stay [Stereo Mix] (Album Version)
1.26 In the Still of the Night [Stereo Mix] (Album Version)
1.27 Girl, You're Blowing My Mind [Jan's Final Mix] (Album Version)
1.28 Laurel and Hardy [Jan's Demo] (Album Version)
1.29 Girl, You're Blowing My Mind [Alternate Backing Track] (Album Version)

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