The Hilliard Ensemble

The Hilliard Ensemble: Mnemosyne

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Artist: The Hilliard Ensemble
Title: Mnemosyne

The 1st collaboration between The Hilliard Ensemble & Jan Garbarek, Officium, was hailed as an artistic triumph, storming onto classical, jazz and pop charts worldwide (and subsequently selling over a million copies). Over the last 5 years, they have played hundreds of concerts and recently documented the 2nd chapter of their musical journey. The double album, Mnemosyne (pronounced neh-MOSS-in-ee), is broader in scope than it's predecessor, including expanded improvisation.

1.1 Quechuna Song - Anonymus
1.2 O Lord in Thee Is All My Trust
1.3 Estonian Lullaby
1.4 Remember Me My Dear - Anonymus
1.5 Gloria
1.6 Fayrfax Africanus
1.7 Agnus Dei
1.8 Novus Novus - Anonymus
1.9 Se Je Fayz Dueil
1.10 O Ignis Spiritus
2.1 Alleluia Nativitatis - Anonymus
2.2 Delphic Paean
2.3 Strophe and Counter-Strophe
2.4 Mascarades - Anonymus
2.5 Loiterando
2.6 Estonian Lullaby
2.7 Russian Psalm - Anonymus
2.8 Eagle Dance
2.9 When Jesus Wept
2.10 Hymn to the Sun

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