Jan-Peter Schwalm

Jan-Peter Schwalm: How We Fall

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Artist: Jan-Peter Schwalm
Title: How We Fall
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. Two years after releasing his first RareNoise album, The Beauty Of Disaster, German composer and multi-instrumentalist J. Peter Schwalm returns with How We Fall. Once more featuring Eivind Aarset's guitar and Tim Harries' bass work, How We Fall presents impressive proof of the power of sound without words and delivers extraordinary sound sculptures. "The music represents a closed universe that reflects the moment and the circumstances in which it was created," Schwalm explains. All the album's pieces are profoundly personal and a pure expression of a sound artist who no longer has to make compromises. Substantial and timeless, How We Fall rewards repeated hearing with the new details emerging with each listen.

1.1 Strofort
1.2 Battenfeld
1.3 Auua
1.4 Ibra
1.5 Gangesthal
1.6 Stormbruch
1.7 Clingon
1.8 Musles
1.9 Singlis

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