Jane Powell: Song Is You

Jane Powell: Song Is You
Title: Song Is You
Label: Flare

EU-only collection. Here we have a fine collection of recordings from one of MGM's top musical stars, Jane Powell, most of them taken from the soundtracks of some of her most loved films. Some of them are well known, while others are rarely heard. All of them are gems.

1.1 Rolling Down the Road
1.2 Carmena Waltz
1.3 Here It Is Monday
1.4 Passepied
1.5 Springtide (W. Jeannette MacDonald)
1.6 Fleurette
1.7 Judaline (W. Scotty Beckett)
1.8 Spring Come Back to Vienna
1.9 The Peanut Vendor
1.10 Magic Is the Moonlight
1.11 The Oceana Roll
1.12 Love Is Where You Find It
1.13 Lullaby of the World
1.14 When It's Love (W. Gordon MacRae)
1.15 Wonderful, Wonderful Day
1.16 Goin' Co'tin'
1.17 When You're in Love (W. Howard Keel)
1.18 Vocalize
1.19 Love Can Change the Stars (W. Victor Marchese)
1.20 Chacun Le Sait
1.21 Will You Remember (W. Vic Damone)
1.22 Sometimes I'm Happy
1.23 I Know That You Know (W. Vic Damone)
1.24 Lucky Bird
1.25 I Don't Know What I Want
1.26 The Trolley Song
1.27 The Song Is You (W. Gordon MacRae)
1.28 The Day I Said I Do
1.29 Deep in My Heart

Jane Powell: Song Is You

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