Jared Dubin: Excuses Excuses

Jared Dubin: Excuses Excuses
Title: Excuses Excuses
Label: Next Level

Recorded in 2012 after a year of ongoing gigs with a working band molding and refining his unique musical vision, New York-based trombonist and composer Jared Dubin led his band into the studio to make what would become Excuses Excuses, an album that reflects on hardship, family, and the unforgiving pursuit of the arts. Armed with a distinct harmonic concept and an ensemble who first and foremost serve the music, Dubin's debut leaves listeners awestruck, contemplative, and itching for more.

1.1 The Breaks
1.2 Ain't No Thang
1.3 Time Apart
1.4 Passive Aggressive
1.5 Worry Go Round
1.6 Working Class
1.7 Excuses Excuses
1.8 Martial Law

Jared Dubin: Excuses Excuses

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