Java Skull

Java Skull: Devil's Looking for You

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Java Skull

Artist: Java Skull
Title: Devil's Looking for You
Product Type: VINYL LP

2013 release from the Hard Rockers.. Eight songs recorded and mixed by Alioscha Brito-Egana at Kizio Studio, fall 2012. If you're looking for jungle drums, dirty guitar-riffs, songs about liars, cheats, loose women, horrible places, lost love and necessary evils, this is the record for you. Songsmith Mark Burer and his long-time sidekick Uncle Jakob, have yet again delivered a collection of strong songs with catchy hooks and mean riffs.

1.1 Bullshit Blues
1.2 Gravedigger
1.3 Velvet Claws
1.4 Promises
1.5 Oubliette
1.6 Shithole Hotel
1.7 The Devil's Looking for You
1.8 Friendly Fire

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