Jazzamor: Lucent Touch

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jazzamor

Title: Lucent Touch
Label: High Note Records

With their new album "Lucent Touch" Jazzamor also presents their new sound. Smooth jazz and electronic music with the bossa feeling in the well known style of Blue Note. Cool and minimalistic at once. "Lucent Touch", the sixth album has become jazzier. Bossanova steps back and let's Jazz have more leeway. However, the drum sounds still occur in the foreground, because Jazzamor can and do not want to hide their electronic side. Even after five releases, it is still difficult to classify the sound of Jazzamor, consisting of the wonderful voice of Bettina Ventzki-Mischke and pianist Roland Grosch. Fifteen tracks where Jazz, Electronic, Bossanova and Latin Lounge jack in the hand-pass. "Lucent Touch" stands for a very own unique style. "Lucent Touch" was lyrically marked by many personal experiences. Life and death, grief and joy - all of which sometimes lie so close and exactly these feelings were transferred into the songs. In true team work, many of the songs were created directly in the studio. Both Bettina and Roland were directly involved in all development processes - from sound to text and production. However, each had their own "priorities": while Bettina Ventzki-Mischke is the one that breathes life to the texts, Roland Grosch is the music creator and sound designer: he is master of the minimalist arrangements and electronic sounds, he outlines the catchy melodies with sound gimmicks. Through further adaption, it sometimes seems that Jazzamor works with loops, but drums and percussion are actually recorded from beginning to end. Also on board "Lucent Touch" was again lyricist Mary Applegate, who let her creativity flow into the track "Snowflakes in Rio". Brand new is song writer Matthias Steingass, who brings the male perspective into a total of eight songs.

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