Jean Coulthard

Jean Coulthard: Portrait

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Artist: Jean Coulthard

Artist: Jean Coulthard
Title: Portrait

1.1 I Feel That Music Is My Whole Life
1.2 I Was Determined I Was Going to Be a Composer
1.3 I Had My Lesson Today with Mr. Chubb
1.4 I Had Saved Up My Own Money
1.5 Late in 1936 Jean and Her Husband Traveled to New York
1.6 The Relationship Between Jean and Bernard?
1.7 In a Burst of New-Found Confidence?
1.8 She Didn't Just Overcome?
1.9 I Don't Feel As Many Young Composer Do?
1.10 This May Seem Paradoxical?
1.11 Rather Than Dividing My Music Into Periods?
2.1 I. Allegro Ma Non Troppo
2.2 II. Arioso: Lento Semplice
2.3 III. Finale: Allegro Marcato
2.4 I. Revelation in the Forest
2.5 II. the Silent Pool
2.6 III. Elements
2.7 Cantibile Theme: Lento Pensivo
2.8 No. 1. Motivation: Moderato
2.9 No. 2. Visionary Song: Adagio Espressivo
2.10 No. 3. Turbulence: Allegro Con Brio
2.11 No. 4. Summer Night on the Water
2.12 No. 5. Echoes: Moderato Molto Legato
2.13 No. 6. the Academicians: Moderato Con Forza
2.14 No. 7. Chimera (Prince of Darkness): Allegro Ma Non Troppo
2.15 No. 8. Transfiguration: Lento Con Anima
2.16 No. 9. the Wood Doves Grieve: Poco Lento
2.17 No. 10. Fugue: Allegro Pomposo
2.18 No. 11. Night Wind: Prestissimo
2.19 No. 12. Farewell: Lenro

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