Jean Redpath

Jean Redpath: Frae My Ain Countrie

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jean Redpath

Title: Frae My Ain Countrie
Label: Folk Legacy

Perhaps the best-known of the Scottish ballad singers regularly touring in this country, Jean often has been featured on the Prairie Home Companion. We think this is one of her most beautiful recordings. You'll love it, too. The Gairdner and the Plooman; I'll Lay Ye Doon, Love; the Gairdner Child; Wars o' High Germanie; Silver Tassie; the Rantin' Dog, the Daddy O'T; Hishie Ba; My Ain Countrie; Matt Hyland; the London Ba'; Kilbogie; A' the Week Yer Man's Awa'; Johnnie o' Braidiesley; Farewell He; Bonny Gallowa' and Eileen Aroon.

1.1 The Gairdner and the Plooman
1.2 I'll Lay Ye Doon, Love
1.3 The Gairdner Child [Child 219]
1.4 Wars O' High Germanie
1.5 Silver Tassie
1.6 The Rantin' Dog, the Daddie O't
1.7 Hishie Ba
1.8 My Ain Countrie
1.9 Matt Hyland
1.10 The London Ba'
1.11 Kilbogie
1.12 A the Wek Yer Man's Awa
1.13 Johnnie O' Braidiesley [Child 114]
1.14 Farewell He
1.15 Bonny Gallowa'
1.16 Eileen Aroon

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