Jeff Russo: Lucy In The Sky (Original Soundtrack)

Jeff Russo: Lucy In The Sky (original Soundtrack)
Title: Lucy In The Sky (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Mondo
Product Type: VINYL LP

Mondo Music, in partnership with Lakeshore Music, is proud to present the premiere vinyl pressing of Jeff Russo's score to the 2019 film LUCY IN THE SKY.LUCY is a sad but beautiful fable about failure, double standards, and achievement. But the music for the film is never bleak because the film itself is always hopeful and curious. Anchored by swelling synths and echoing choruses the score is tranquil and sublime. An underrated and underheard collection of film music we are super proud to share.

1.1 Main Titles - Why Are We Here
1.2 Cosmic Pickup (Theme 5)
1.3 Running on the Track
1.4 Lucy?S Percussion
1.5 Suit Breach (NBL)
1.6 We Can Go to My Place
1.7 The Wake
1.8 Feel the Feeling
1.9 Changing Clothes (Alt)
1.10 Inconsistent ? Liftoff
1.11 You're Gonna Lose
1.12 Airport Arrival
1.13 Lucy Exits Car
1.14 Feel It All
1.15 Lucy?S Pressure (Theme 1 H;M Test)
1.16 Bees
1.17 Lucy?S Theme (Theme 4)
1.18 Lucy Floats (Theme 2 Op 174)
1.19 End Credits Suite
1.20 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Feat. Lisa Hannigan)
1.21 Insomnia II ? Cocoon
1.22 Following Mark
1.23 Lucy?S Poem
1.24 Back in Space
1.25 Homecoming
1.26 Butterfly
1.27 Someone Else
1.28 Bees (Alt Version)

Jeff Russo: Lucy In The Sky (Original Soundtrack)

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