Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane: After Bathing at Baxter's

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Product Type: CD

Title: After Bathing at Baxter's
Label: RCA

One of the most psychedelic albums ever made, sounding again like it should (i.e. 'intense')! Includes an unreleased Marty Balin acoustic demo; an unreleased alternate version of Grace's bizarre Two Heads ; an unreleased instrumental version of Young Girl Sunday Blues ; a live, long version of the Ballad of You, Me & Pooneil, and the mono single version of Martha.

1.1 The Ballad of You ; Me ; Pooneil
1.2 A Small Package of Value Will Come to Yo, Shortly
1.3 Young Girl Sunday Blues
1.4 Martha
1.5 Wild Tyme (H)
1.6 The Last Wall of the Castle
1.7 Rejoyce
1.8 Watch Her Ride
1.9 Spare Chaynge
1.10 Two Heads
1.11 Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon
1.12 The Ballad of You ; Me ; Pooneil (Live - Long Version)
1.13 Martha (Mono Single Version)
1.14 Two Heads (Alternate Version)
1.15 Things Are Better in the East

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