Jennifer Stinton

Jennifer Stinton: American Album for Flute

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Artist: Jennifer Stinton
Title: American Album for Flute

Jennifer Stinton is fortunately well known as one of Britain's foremost flautists. These works are rarely heard (here). and she demonstrates great depth in contemporary American compositions. If you have the taste for the contemporary, as distinct from 'modern' Americans, this is the definitive selection.

1.1 Allegro Deciso
1.2 Scherzo: Vivace
1.3 Andante
1.4 Allegro Con Moto
1.5 Larghetto
1.6 Andante Con Moto
1.7 Flowing
1.8 Poetic, Somewhat Mournful
1.9 Lively, with Bounce
1.10 Moderato
1.11 Andantino
1.12 Allegro
1.13 Andante Molto
1.14 Allegro Molto
1.15 Con Moto
1.16 Allegro Vivace
1.17 Lento
1.18 Allegro Molto

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