Jensen Sportag

Jensen Sportag: Stealth of Days

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Jensen Sportag

Title: Stealth of Days
Label: Cascine
Product Type: VINYL LP

Jensen Sportag are pop music shapeshifters - individuals who build meticulous music from the impressions made by their surroundings and the subtle motions of important people in their lives. Stealth of Days, the band's debut full-length, brings new experimentation in sensuality to the fore. Geographical reference points ranging from the Far East to the Deep South are present in the material. Jensen Sportag are alone in their genre of senses-based production, and their music is masterful.

1.1 Rain Code
1.2 Six Senses
1.3 Light Through Lace
1.4 Fallen Doves
1.5 After Gardens
1.6 Hidden, Hunted
1.7 Bellz
1.8 Under the Rose
1.9 Blue Shade
1.10 Blood Hourglass

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