Jetty Bones

Jetty Bones: Push Back

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jetty Bones

Title: Push Back
Label: Rise Records

Push Back is the first full-length record from Jetty Bones, the relentlessly hopeful alt-pop solo project of Ohio artist Kelc Galluzzo. Jetty Bones' previous releases have waded through the mires of trauma and mental illness, kickstarting an open and earnest relationship between fans and Galluzzo. But this time around, Galluzzo didn't set out to connect with others. She set out to save herself. In the end, she succeeded - narrowly. Push Back is proof.

1.1 Waking Up Crying
1.2 Nothing
1.3 That's All
1.4 Everything
1.5 Taking Up Space
1.6 Ravine
1.7 Waking Up Exhausted
1.8 Bad Time (Feat. Eric Egan)
1.9 Dolly
1.10 Bad Trick
1.11 Bug Life

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