Jez Mead: Suckers

Jez Mead: Suckers
Title: Suckers
Label: EMI

Introducing Jez Mead - observer and sage. Jez sees the in congruencies of human relations more than clearly, and delivers his observations beautifully courtesy of his raw and catchy tune 'sucker'. The title sums things up simply and indeed mead pulls no punches: Jez Mead is a well travelled journeyman and it is his quest that he invites the listener to explore with him. Having released independently in the past, Jez launches the 'sucker' EP on September 4. The EP will be the first release on his own, newly created label 'bellyup records' through EMI music Australia:.

1.1 Sucker
1.2 Arms of the World
1.3 Devil
1.4 I Was Made for Loving You
1.5 Open Hand

Jez Mead: Suckers

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