Jill Barber

Jill Barber: Metaphora

$24.92 $28.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Jill Barber

Title: Metaphora
Label: Outside Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited turquoise colored vinyl LP pressing. A bold entre into the world of contemporary pop music, resulting in a Jill Barber we've never heard before. Metaphora showcases her power and vulnerability as both an artist and a woman. Evolving over the course of many albums from folk to jazz, R & B and pop, Jill's success is defined not by genre, but by her undeniable songwriting chops and distinctive voice. Metaphora is a continuation of Barber's musical story that confidently tackles everything from issues of empowerment, sexual politics, the complications of love, and depression. It's introspective and personal. It's also a dance party.

1.1 The Woman
1.2 Girl's Gotta Do
1.3 Hooked Your Heart
1.4 Bigger Than You
1.5 Mercy
1.6 Clumsy Heart
1.7 Cage Without a Key
1.8 Love Is
1.9 Hold on

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