Jill Sobule

Jill Sobule: Pink Pearl

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Artist: Jill Sobule

Artist: Jill Sobule
Title: Pink Pearl

Sobule stands alone as a writer of intelligent sophisticated songs - starting with the break thru hit "I Kissed a Girl." Her fourth LP represents a major leap forward artistically - her lyricism has grown and deepened. The arrangements and instrumentation encompass and ambitious musical sound both vivid and diverse.

1.1 Rainy Day Parade
1.2 One of These Days
1.3 Lucy at the Gym
1.4 Claire
1.5 Mexican Wrestler
1.6 Heroes
1.7 Mary Kay
1.8 Somewhere in New Mexico
1.9 Guy Who Doesn't Get It
1.10 Someone's Gonna Greak Your Heart
1.11 Loveless Motel
1.12 Rock Me to Sleep

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