Jim Ed Brown

Jim Ed Brown: In Style Again

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Artist: Jim Ed Brown

Artist: Jim Ed Brown
Title: In Style Again

Longtime fan favorite Jim Ed Brown returns with his first solo recording in three decades with the release of IN STYLE AGAIN, his debut project for Plowboy Records. IN STYLE AGAIN neatly brings together all phases of Brown's historic career. 'When the Sun Says Hello to the Mountain' features the distinctive harmonies of his sisters. The album also features 12 solo performances from the singer. But when an artist as important as Jim Ed Brown steps into the recording studio, other artists naturally want to follow. He is joined on 'Tried and True' and 'You Again' by fellow Grand Ole Opry members Vince Gill and the Whites, respectively. He also reunites with Cornelius on the Carl and Pearl Butler chestnut 'Don't Let Me Cross Over.'

1.1 When the Sun Says Hello to the Mountain
1.2 Tried and True
1.3 In Style Again
1.4 Watching the World Walking By
1.5 You Again
1.6 I Love It
1.7 Don't Let Me Cross Over
1.8 Older Guy
1.9 It S a Good Life
1.10 Lucky Enough
1.11 Laura (Do You Love Me?)
1.12 The Last One
1.13 Am I Still Country?

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