Jim Ford: Sounds of Our Time

Jim Ford: Sounds of Our Time
Title: Sounds of Our Time
Label: Bear Family Germany

The legendary 'Harlan County' album, PLUS rare singles and previously unreleased masters! The first and last word on an underground roots music legend! Jim Ford's original album from 1969 has been described as the holy grail of country soul. Contains extensive liner notes that for the first time ever- tell the whole Jim Ford story. Includes ten previously unreleased recordings recently discovered at Ford's home. Only available here. Includes five songs from Jim Ford's ultra-rare 45 rpm singles, never released on CD before. Previously unpublished photos personally supplied by Jim Ford. Jim Ford is the composer of Aretha Franklin and PJ Proby's 'Niky Hoeky', Bobby Womack's 'Harry Hippie', and, as revealed in the liner notes, he also wrote Bobbie Gentry's 'Ode to Billie Joe'. Includes a 40 page booklet.

1.1 Harlan County
1.2 I'm Gonna Make Her Love Me
1.3 Changing Colors
1.4 Dr Handy's Dandy Candy
1.5 Love on My Brain
1.6 Long Road Ahead
1.7 Under Construction
1.8 Working My Way to L.A
1.9 Spoonful
1.10 To Make My Life Beautiful
1.11 Big Mouth USA
1.12 36 Inches High
1.13 Sounds of Our Time
1.14 Chain Gang
1.15 I Wonder What They'll Do with Today
1.16 Go Through Sunday
1.17 She Turns My Radio on
1.18 Mixed Green
1.19 Happy Songs Sell Records, Sad Songs Sell Beer
1.20 It Takes Two (To Make One)
1.21 Big Mouth USA
1.22 Rising Sign
1.23 Linda Comes Running
1.24 Ramona
1.25 Hanging from Your Lovin Tree

Jim Ford: Sounds of Our Time

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