Jim Greer

Jim Greer: Stars of the Wwva Jamboree

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Artist: Jim Greer

Artist: Jim Greer
Title: Stars of the Wwva Jamboree

1.1 Sparking Brown Eyes
1.2 Don't Make Me Go to Bed
1.3 John Hardy
1.4 Mountain Laurel
1.5 When the Bees Are in the Hive
1.6 Tying the Leaves
1.7 Single Girl
1.8 Green Valley Waltz
1.9 Johnson's Old Grey Mule
1.10 The Tie That Binds
1.11 When the Roses Bloom Again
1.12 Brown's Ferry Blues
1.13 When It's Time for the Whippor Will to Sing
1.14 Black Jack Davie
1.15 Sweet Bunch of Daisies
1.16 Curly Headed Baby
1.17 Put Me in Your Pocket
1.18 Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
1.19 Jesse James
1.20 Down Among the Budded Roses
1.21 Uncle Eph's Got the Coon
1.22 Ben Dewberry's Final Run

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