Jim Reeves: Complete Singles As & Bs 1949-62

Jim Reeves: Complete Singles As & Bs 1949-62
Title: Complete Singles As & Bs 1949-62
Label: Acrobat

Jim Reeves - widely known as "Gentleman Jim" - was one of the most successful and important country artists of the 1950s and early '60s, his rich, velvet voice bringing a unique sound and style, which was in the vanguard of the "new Nashville" sound, as the music headed away from honky-tonk fiddles and steel guitars as introduced strings and backing choruses, helping to move the genre towards the pop mainstream. Despite his tragic death in a 'plane crash in 1964, he was nevertheless able to rack up nearly 50 hits during his lifetime and became one of the most influential personalities in country music in the post-war era. This great-value 80-track 3-CD set comprises the A & B sides of all his singles from his recording debut for the Macy's label in 1949 through to 1962, and includes his recordings for the Abbott and RCA labels during those years, plus a duet performance with Ginny Wright released on the Fabor label. It naturally features all his 37 pop and country hits from the era, including the No. 1s "Mexican Joe", "Bimbo", "Billy Bayou", "Four Walls" and the international smash hit "He'll Have To Go", which provided his UK chart breakthrough in 1960. Covering, as it does, the first 15 years or so of his career, it charts the development of his style and sound during an era when country music was becoming more consciously commercial, and experienced the impact of the rock 'n' roll explosion in the mid-'50s, following it through into the early years of a decade when he very much flew the flag for country music as the British Invasion brought about more musical changes. It's a fine showcase for one of the genre's most enduring stars.

1.1 My Heart's Like a Welcome Mat
1.2 Teardrops of Regret
1.3 Chicken Hearted
1.4 I've Never Been So Blue
1.5 What Were You Doing (Last Night)
1.6 Wagon Load of Love
1.7 Mexican Joe
1.8 I Could Cry (Non-Album Track)
1.9 Butterfly Love
1.10 Let Me Love You Just a Little
1.11 El Rancho Del Rio
1.12 It's Hard to Love Just One
1.13 Bimbo
1.14 Gypsy Heart
1.15 I Love You
1.16 Then I'll Stop Loving You
1.17 Echo Bonita
1.18 Beatin' on the Ding Dong
1.19 My Rambling Heart
1.20 Padre of Old San Antone
1.21 Mother Went A-Walking
1.22 Penny Candy
1.23 I'll Follow You
1.24 Where Does a Broken Heart Go'
1.25 The Wilder Your Heart Beats the Sweeter You Love
1.26 Drinking Tequila
2.1 Red Eyed and Rowdy
2.2 Tahiti
2.3 Give Me One More Kiss
2.4 Yonder Comes a Sucker
2.5 I'm Hurtin' Inside
2.6 Are You the One
2.7 How Many (From Bimbo)
2.8 Hillbilly Waltz
2.9 Let Me Remember (The Things I Can't Forget)
2.10 Jimbo Jenkins
2.11 I've Lived a Lot in My Time
2.12 If You Were Mine
2.13 That's a Sad Affair
2.14 My Lips Are Sealed
2.15 Pickin' a Chicken
2.16 According to My Heart
2.17 The Mother of a Honky Tonk Girl
2.18 Am I Losing You
2.19 Waitin' for a Train
2.20 Four Walls
2.21 I Know and You Know
2.22 Two Shadows on Your Window
2.23 Young Hearts
2.24 Anna Marie
2.25 Everywhere You Go
2.26 Overnight
2.27 I Love You More
3.1 Blue Boy
3.2 Theme of Love
3.3 Billy Bayou
3.4 I'd Like to Be
3.5 Home
3.6 If Heartache Is the Fashion
3.7 Partners
3.8 I'm Beginning to Forget You
3.9 He'll Have to Go
3.10 In a Mansion Stands My Love
3.11 I'm Gettin' Better
3.12 I Know One
3.13 I Missed Me
3.14 Am I Losing You
3.15 Whispering Hope
3.16 The Blizzard
3.17 Danny Boy
3.18 What Would You Do'
3.19 Stand at Your Window
3.20 Losing Your Love
3.21 (How Can I Write on Paper) What I Feel in My Heart
3.22 A Letter to My Heart
3.23 Adios Amigo
3.24 I'm Gonna Change Everything
3.25 Pride Goes Before a Fall
3.26 You're the Only Good Thing (That's Happened to Me)
3.27 Oh, How I Miss You Tonight

Jim Reeves: Complete Singles As & Bs 1949-62

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