Jim Valley

Jim Valley: Mcfiddle Dee Dee

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jim Valley

Title: Mcfiddle Dee Dee
Label: Jim Valley Records

McFiddle Dee Dee/Imagine That!, the third album by Jim Valley and friends combines music and lyrics that paint a picture of a world of possibilities. Many of the lyrics come straight from the hearts of children.That playful energy of side one and the quiet reflection of side two invite listeners of all ages to sing a rainbow, dance a poem and share a feeling that connects everyone.

1.1 McFiddle Dee Dee
1.2 Imagine That!
1.3 Can a Tree Be Your Friend'
1.4 Bunnies Go Bounce
1.5 Happy Song
1.6 Joy-Oy-Oy
1.7 If Apples Were Pears
1.8 Rainbow Rock
1.9 Rocket
1.10 Johnny B. Goode
1.11 Make Believe
1.12 Magical Music
1.13 Enchanted Lions
1.14 The Sea
1.15 Silverly Silverly
1.16 Sing Me a Rainbow
1.17 Larkspur

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